IdMUnit 2.0

IdMUnit 2.0 Public Release Package

IdMUnit 2.0 Webinar - Presented on Go-Live Day

The 2.0 release contains many new key features:

Open Source Version:

  • Support for Designer 3.x series
  • Alerting of “high priority” test cases, supports SMTP and log alerts
  • Multi-valued attribute support in a single operation for addObject
  • LDAP filter support in the DN column
  • Operation validateObject reports all out of sync attributes at once
  • Wild card and regular expression support
  • Oracle connector
  • Simplified Designer project integration
  • Bug fixes
  • … and many more!

TriVir Customer Version:

  • Features listed above
  • Several new connectors available with this version (i.e. JDBC, SOAP, SMTP, RSA SecurID, Exchange 2007, and others)
  • Comparator engine add-on to validate all synchronized objects in the system for discrepancies
  • Implementation assistance with skills-transfer
  • IdMUnit methodology documentation

Note that TriVir maintains two versions of IdMUnit, a customer version and an open source version. New features and updates are made regularly to the customer version of the code. When enough changes have accumulated in the customer version of the code then the open source version is updated with the changes. The customer version is available to all active TriVir customers.